Classroom-Focused Grants are intended for licensed personnel* who work with students and wish to improve their practice and student achievement. You may request up to $3,000 for a project you design now and implement in the upcoming school year.

Preference is given to projects that address the needs of diverse students or students at risk of failure, involve partnerships, have measurable or observable outcomes, and are replicable.

Second-Year Classroom Grant

This application is intended for previous Classroom-Focused Grant recipients (formerly called Classroom Project and Classroom Technology) who wish to expand on their original objectives, and who have the potential to realize additional goals based on the learning and outcomes of their first grant. You may request up to $3,000.

A second year of funding may be awarded to a current grant recipient who meets the following guidelines:

  • Mid-year financial report has been filed with the Foundation office (Nov. 21 of your first grant year).
  • The applicant has reasonable expectation of being employed in the capacity to carry out the grant if awarded.
  • The applicant continues to be an active member of Education Minnesota.
  • The data sheet is completed and returned with the narrative questions to the Foundation by the deadline; these two items constitute the application.

Classroom-Focused Grants (including Second-Year Classroom) will be awarded once per school year.

The deadline passed Dec. 8, 2017.

Classroom-Focused/Second-Year Classroom Grant Application, PDF, 258 KB


The Education Minnesota Foundation seeks to encourage and support broad-based efforts to effect meaningful, long-lasting change in the policies and practices that shape teaching and learning. Using innovative program designs and projects, and in partnership with those agents most likely to assist in driving these changes, the Foundation ultimately expects to positively impact the learning experiences of Minnesota students.

The Foundation believes that a major and effective way to attain this far-reaching goal will be through systemic improvements in the experiences of educators and students. Through this grant, it is the Foundation’s intent to promote the research, development and adoption of policies and practices that will become the basis for those improvements.

The program consists of awards for theme-based, renewable projects with second-year funding contingent on

progress toward the goal demonstrated in year one. IMPACT Grant projects must be coordinated by an active

member of Education Minnesota who has teamed up with a nonprofit organization or their local union/school district.

Approximately $15,000 is available for one year. The budget should reflect a one-year project.

This grant program is not designed to accommodate individual classes or improvements to specific curricula; rather, the intent is to influence policies and generalized practices concerning educators and students.

Written applications will be screened with leading applicants presenting their proposal to the Foundation Board of Trustees for final decision.

IMPACT Grants will be awarded once per school year.

The deadline passed Jan. 12, 2018.

IMPACT Grant Application, PDF, 254 KB


Professional Development Grants are intended to provide education support professionals (ESPs**), higher education faculty of colleges and universities, and teachers with opportunities to take the lead in acquiring and sharing new skills and knowledge. These skills might include new instructional ideas, technology, working with parents, attending a conference, etc. You may request a grant to acquire these skills and share your new learnings with your colleagues.

For higher education faculty applicants, it is suggested that faculty seek in-kind funds to help finance the venture. Recipients of the higher education faculty grant must pay for all grant expenses out-of-pocket, and then submit receipts to the Education Minnesota Foundation for reimbursement.

ESPs and teachers may request up to $1,500, and higher education faculty may request up to $3,000.

Classroom, ESP, and Higher Education Faculty Professional Development Grants will be awarded twice per school year. Bruce Vento Science Educator Professional Development Grants will be awarded once per school year.

The fall deadline passed Nov. 1, 2017.

Dates for spring 2018 professional development grants
Deadline: 4 p.m., April 6, 2018
Grants awarded by: June 2018
Funds to be spent by: February 2019

Professional Development Grant Application, PDF, 253 KB

Click here to apply online for a(n) Classroom, ESP, or Higher Education Faculty Professional Development Grant for the spring 2018 grant round.

Dates for Bruce Vento Science Educator Professional Development Grant

The deadline passed Dec. 8, 2017.

Bruce Vento Science Educator Professional Development Grant Application, PDF, 246 KB



If you are an Education Minnesota member, licensed to teach, and have three years of teaching/counseling experience, you are eligible to apply for a scholarship to help offset the costs to become a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT).

Because the intent of this scholarship is to encourage motivated members, initial NBCT applicants will receive preference over those who have already been through the program.

The NBCT process is demanding and complex. The Foundation Board is looking to award scholarships to members who are familiar with and able to commit to that process.


The Education Minnesota Foundation for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will grant at least ten scholarships up to $500 per component (up to $1,000 per application) toward the application process for National Board Certification once per year.

Scholarships will be paid upon proof of payment for the NBCT program.

The deadline passed Nov. 1, 2017.

National Board Certified Teachers Scholarship Application, PDF, 253 KB

* Includes classroom teachers, guidance counselors and others who require a license to carry out their work with students

** ESPs include classroom paraprofessionals, clerical staff, bus drivers, etc. who are members of Education Minnesota ESP bargaining units